Kids Maths

Learn Maths with 8 activities to help kids get started with Maths. Every child is a winner with this Maths Learning app.


Learning Numbers - Numbers with Voice helps to memorise.

Largest/Biggest Number - Select the baloon with the largest number.

Smallest Number - Select the baloon with the smallest number.

Learn Maths Addition - Learn addition with adding fruits on trees.

Learn Maths Subtraction/Takeaway - Subtraction with easy to understand graphics.

Maths Multiplication - Learn simple multiplication.

Maths Division - Learn Division through this simple game.

Every child is a winner - Children get chance until they choose right answer.

Counting Numbers - Counting game with flowers, ducks and giraffes to select the right answer.

Sound & Animations - Every action on the screen have a sound or animation which makes the kids engaged.

Change difficulty level - Make it more challenging as your child learns.


Kids Maths includes 8 activities to help any child to get started with learning Maths. Learning gets interesting for kids with sound and animations.

The kids will get Trophies displayed after successful completion of any activity. Encouraging voice message on success will make the kids happy.

Even on wrong answers, the app will give friendly encouraging instruction which will make the child boost his/her confidence.

Additional Shake and Swipe feature within the activity makes it more attractive for kids with good sound and animation effects.

This app is a learning app and not for testing a child's ability.

Preferences allow you to select the difficulty of each activity based on your child's age.

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What's New

The app includes following activities : 1. Learning numbers, 2. Counting numbers, 3. Find the largest/biggest number, 4. Find the smallest number, 5. Addition, 6. Subtraction, 7. Division, 8. Multiplication


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