Chemistry Periodic Table

Chemistry Periodic Table - Elements & Compounds is a pocket guide for chemistry students. The app list all the elements with its Chemical properties, List of most common Chemical Compounds with its Molecular formulae. A nicely presented colour-coded Periodic Table. The Chemistry Periodic Table list prominent scientists who contributed to chemistry. The app also provide 3 sets of quiz to help the kids excel in learning the element names, element symbol and atomic number.

Chemistry Periodic Table - Elements & Compounds App has a search feature which will help students from school to universities. This is a pocket chemistry guide for everyone.


Periodic Table - Colour coded Periodic Table listed in landscape mode for easy look up of elements.

Quiz - Test your knowledge on Element name, element symbol and atomic number.

Study Corner - Including Glossary of Chemistry terms, Scientists & Common Compound Formulae.

Elements Explained - List all the elements with quick search option. The Name, symbol, atomic number and all the properties of the element is listed nicely.

It also provide information on block, period, Discovered by, atomic mass, Electron Configuration, Electron Affinity, Density, Appearance and many other properties of an element.

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Periodic Table app list all elements with its properties, 3 types of quiz to help learn and memorize the elements, Chemistry Glossary to help learn common terms, Provides an insight into popular chemistry scientists.


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